PCruz Software Easy And Intuitive

PCruz Software Easy And Intuitive

An interactive industrial PC with a touch-screen and intuitive interface of PCruz proprietary MECANIZASTONE software allows for easy handling of the machine. An operator can input full information on the jobs to be performed: type of the material, size, thikness, shape, as well as define the machining mode.

MECANIZASTONE is a user-friendly software that makes running the work center easy even for an operator with little computer knowledge. This turns operating IMAGE320 CNC 3 axes info a delightful experience.

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Defining a job: choose your way
+ Import files via local network from the office computer, via Internet from remote locations, or via USB
+ Define a job directly at the machine PC

Performing a job: always optimal
+ Work cycles are generated automatically with the machine parameters adjusted to perform the work in the most efficient way using database of the tools available for the machine and of rotation speeds suitable for each tool and material
+ Manual adjustments are allowed, even after the work started

Supplement functions: assistance and convenience
+ Machine diagnostics and alarm system
+ Teleassistance and telemaintenance software