Water Filtration Plants

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems recycle water used for stone processing. They help to significantly reduce costs, ensure sufficient quality of recycled water as well as allow operating in an environment-friendly mode.

We offer two types of systems – flocculant plants with filterpress and lamellar plants – with several capacity options.

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Flocculant plants with filterpress – capacity options:

  • 250 l per min. / 66 Gal per min.
  • 500 l per min. / 132 Gal per min.
  • 750 l per min. / 198 Gal per min.

Lamellar Plants with Big-Bag – capacity options:

  • 150 l per min. / 40 Gal per min.
  • 300-400 l per min. / 80-105 Gal per min.