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“To go one step ahead is a continuous challenge for everyone who loves innovation.” – Pedro Cruz

After nearly 40 years of innovation and leadership in the global stone technology, PCruz Group, producer of high-quality machinery based in Europe, decided to establish PCruz USA, a company focused on the US market.

PCruz USA has been working for several years in the US market and has a full-scale presence. Being close to our customers is extremely important for us. This way we can understand their preferences and needs to provide the best solutions for their businesses.

Recently we have introduced a new edition of stone machinery customized for the US market. To help our customers find the most efficient way to satisfy their needs, we present three ranges of machinery: MILLENNIUM, IMAGE and VICTORY.

Within these ranges our customers can find solutions for cutting, finishing and polishing for various materials including marble, granite, quartz, porcelain and artificial materials.

To make our offering integrated and increase value for our customers, we provide a range of complementary equipment.

Our approach is to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers. Our goal is to offer perfect solutions for their needs and provide them with the maximum precision in all kind of jobs, high productivity, low costs and, as a result, increased profits.

pcruz-buildingPCruz Group was established 1978 in Europe to be a pioneer and a leader in manufacturing high-technology machinery for the stone industry. It is a family business 100% owned by Cruz family with already two generations irrevocably devoted to developing the business and providing our customers with the most advanced technological solutions.

PCruz Group’s head office and production facilities are located in Murcia, Spain, with a total area of 8,600 sqm (92,500 sqft). Many of our employees have been working with us for many years and have become experts in stone technology and essentially part of our family.

Over the years, PCruz Group has been producing a wide range of stone machinery for block and slab cutting, finishing, polishing, as well as specialized high-production lines. Our machinery works with all key types of natural stone and artificial materials.

PCruz Group has always been devoted to innovation and continuously invested in R&D. This makes us sure that each new machine or edition we release is the most intelligent product that best fits particular needs of our customers.

PCruz proprietary software developed for our CNC and semi-automatic machinery and auxiliary systems makes operation of our machines very simple and at the same time guarantees high precision and productivity for all works.

We have over 1,400 machines installed across the globe, including Europe, Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia, North, Central and South Americas. We are proud to have our machines successfully working for many years and even decades after installation showing competitive results.

Since inception, PCruz Group’s philosophy and values have been: Innovation in technology, Excellence in all products and services, Commitment to our clients. Adherence to these principles has contributed to our success and made us a leading company in the high technology stone machinery market.