We are committed to provide the level of service and after-sale support matching the quality and merits that our machines possess. Contact our Service Department if you have any technical questions or need any assistance with your PCruz machinery.

  • Email: service@pcruzusa.com
  • Phone: 1 (305) 582-4227
  • Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm EST
  • Sat:            9am – 1pm EST


Our dedicated team of engineers performs all installation and commissioning works on site to put machines in operation properly and in the shortest time.

For installation to go smoothly and result in seamless work, we have established a 4-stage process:

1. Pre-installation consulting: site visit, phone consultations.

2. Preparation for delivery: preliminary technical works on your site to get ready for installation.

3. Installation: our engineers install and put the machines into operation during 1 week.

4. Training: our engineers give a 2-week on-site training and support to the designated employees.


Our professionals provide trainings for your employees, including certification and advanced seminars.

At the installation stage, we give on-site training to make sure your new machine works at its best and issue the respective certificate.

You can always request further training on special topics and we will find the most efficient way to deliver it to you. Depending on your needs, it can be arrange as a series of online consultations, an on-site visit or a seminar at our facilities.

Software upgrade and customization

To ensure that your PCruz machines always perform at the edge of their capabilities and perfectly meet your needs, we upgrade our software and offer customization options.

We constantly improve our software and will notify you about new releases and their advantages. However for your comfort, we make upgrades on your machines only at your request.

If you feel that your operations might be optimized by introducing some changes to the software, we can customize the program to achieve your goals.



Our customer service team is trained to solve any issue you might have with the machine in 24 hours.

If it is impossible to solve your problem remotely, our customer service specialists will come to your site to fix it.


This service, available only for CNC machines, allows our technical team to access the machine from our offices and solve electronic and mechanical problems in a very short time, even in minutes. You simply do not waste your time waiting!

The intelligent system of remote access allows our professionals to check alarm notifications on your machine, get complete information about the problem and fix it. With this system we can also change configuration settings and install software upgrades.

We respect your privacy at all times, so an access to your machine is possible only with your prior authorization.


We advise keeping your machines in the best condition at all times to ensure the quality of work and durability. This also extends guarantee term we provide for our machines.

It is always cheaper and more effective to prevent troubles rather than shooting them. Based on your specific operating conditions, our service engineer will create a tailored maintenance schedule for your PCruz machinery and in accordance with it we will perform all necessary inspections and maintenance procedures to keep your machine always working at peak levels.

We keep substantial inventory at our warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, FL, so that our customers can timely get spare and consumable parts they might need.

We always carefully select all components for our machinery from the most important international suppliers. Most components of our machines are available in our target markets allowing for efficient inventory management and minimizing downtime for our customers.